E-Training & Online Assessment Systems

Large organizations and chains often have the need to deploy organization-wide training, feedback & assessment systems. This could be part of on-the-job training, training for using new machinery/ software or training for new protocols.

We can develop and design complex custom made trainign systems for your users to log on and learn from. We can also create customizable assessment/ online exams that certify and qualify your trainees towards the next step of the process. We manage both development of the system as well as designing the lesson-plan with appropriate media content.

We have developed such complex training systems for retail chains and for airlines in South East Asia.

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Online Training
Online Assessment
Online Certificates
Content Creation
Interactive Design
Trainer/ Trainee mode
Courses & Lessons
Selective & Group Access Control
Progress Report
Individual Data Analytics
Organization-wide deployment
Custom Made for Your Brand
Mobile-first Design
Fully Managed (Maintained & hosted)
Ongoing Fast Support
Daily backups
Staging & Live Environment
Admin Tutorials
Complete Client Admin Control
SEO Optimization Ready
Google Analytics
Google Console
Singapore, US, EU Servers
And Lots More...

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