Our Unique Branding Process

Step 1. Brand Audit & Consulting

Step 2. Brand CX Design & Development

Step 3. Brand CX Applications

Step 1.

Brand Audit & Consulting

Successfull brands are created on solid foundations. Through research and analysis, we find your brand voice, target markets, demographics, brand values, USPs – which become the cornerstones for brand development.

Brand Persona
Competitor Analysis
Market Analysis
Tone & Voice

Step 2.

Corporate Brand Development

Corporate Branding provides your brand a framework by developing a Brand Book & a Brand Guideline: Brand logo units, Visual elements, Visual styles, Iconography, Patterns, Color scheme, Font scheme and usage guidelines.

We design & develop your brand assets giving it uniquely identifiable shape & form.

Font Scheme
Color Scheme
Visual Identities
Tag Lines
Logo Units
Brand Patterns
Visuals & Graphics
Tangible & Intangible
Usage & Guidelines
And much more...

Step 3.

Brand Applications

We bring your brand to life through carefully designed material-specific applications.

We design your brand communications – tangible & intangible, that carry your brand’s story to your audience – internally within your organization & externally to your customers. 

Depending on your industry & business needs, we arrive at a brand application checklist that we then deliver. 

Marketing Materials
Brand CX Codes
Social Media Packs
Trade Fair Displays
Intro Videos
Web Applications
And the list goes on...

Recent Branding Works

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